Communications & Middleware Technologies

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Communications & Middleware Technologies develops and manages computing services that allow for the collaboration and exchange of information and ideas, as well as providing the infrastructure to enable these services. This group is responsible for initiating, integrating, deploying, and operating the campus collaborative computing infrastructure, including, but not limited to:

  • E-mail and mailing list services
  • Web applications, infrastructure, services, and policies
  • Identity management
  • Software development / middleware


Communications & Middleware Technologies


Name Title Phone Email
Jon FinkeSystems Programmer, Sr.(518) 276-8185
William GillWeb Producer, Sr.(518) 276-8332
Frank HillSystems Programmer, Sr.(518) 276-6708
Catherine LittellWeb Producer, Sr.(518) 276-8347
Alan PowellSystems Programmer, Sr.(518) 276-2204
Gary SchwartzDirector, Comm/Collab Tech.(518) 276-8159
Michael SofkaSystems Programmer, Sr.(518) 276-2915
Deb WentorfTechnical Writer(518) 276-8344