Campus Community Alerted to "Job Offer" Scam

Wed, 02/14/2018 - 10:22 -- wentod

It has recently come to the attention of some of the DotCIO staff that the "Job Offer" scam e-mail has become fairly wide-spread, and has even already affected a few users on our campus.  In response to this, DotCIO wishes to alert all members of the campus community to this scam, and to ignore it should it appear in their respective inboxes. 

These scam messages usually have a subject such as "Job Offer!," "Student Job Offer," or "Employment Opportunity."

In the cases of the the e-mail messages that are currently getting through most often, the message is in an attached PDF file, and claims to be from Dr. Christopher C. Babbitt.  However, this all can -- and likely will -- change as time goes on and the scam continues.

In each case, the e-mail message states that they are offering the ability to make lots of money from working at home, and that you will need a printer and check stock for printing checks. Other scam messages will also ask users for their bank account information, or other personal information.  In all cases, it is important to remember that these messages are a scam, and users should treat them as such by simply deleting them if they appear in their Inbox.

For more information about this scam, please visit the Fraud Aid website.