An Important Notice to the Campus Community Regarding E-Mail Access

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 17:09 -- wentod

On Friday, September 15, the Rensselaer campus' e-mail system and IMAP mail server experienced an unusually high volume of connections from off-campus.  As a result of this high volume of traffic, any member of the campus community who normally receives their e-mail via the IMAP server was intermittently unable to receive or send mail for approximately four hours.

In order to prevent any further such off-campus attempts, members of the DotCIO staff have temporarily blocked all off-campus IMAP mail access. Any members of the campus community who wish to access their e-mail must now do so by authenticating to the system through the Webmail service, or by connecting to Rensselaer's VPN.  Exchange users are unaffected.