Losing Some of Those Important E-Mail Messages?

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 10:33 -- wentod
Ever wonder why you don't receive some important e-mails, but yet seem to get all kinds of unwanted messages that you could do without? Here's something to keep in mind!

At least some of those important messages could be caught in RESPITE, Rensselaer's spam and virus filter, so you should check this periodically for any messages you may be missing. Once you've logged into RESPITE, you can also configure the service to always accept ("whitelist") or reject ("blacklist") e-mail from particular senders or domains, as well as add your own custom rules. 

So, if those important e-mail messages haven't been coming through as they should, they may be caught in RESPITE. Why not take a few minutes to "whitelist" the appropriate e-mail addresses so messages from those senders no longer get trapped, and always arrive right away?

Still have questions?  Learn more about RESPITE!