Requesting a Box @RPI Account

  1. Start by visiting our Box Enrollment page
  2. Authenticate With your RCS username and password.
  3. Next, you will see the enrollment request page with an Enroll button - Click on “Enroll
  4. After a few short seconds, you will see a confirmation dialog:
  5. If you DO NOT already have a Box account using your <rcsUsername> email
    1. You will receive an email from Box at your RPI address.
    2. Open the Box email and click “Log In
    3. Click “Continue” in your browser and Log in with your rcsUsername and password.
  6. If you DO already have a Box account using your <rcsUsername> email, you will see the following message:
    Invite to move
    1. Click on “Invite” to begin the process of migrating your existing Box account to the RPI instance.
    2. After clicking invite, you will receive an email from Box.
    3. Locate the email sent to you by Box and click the “Accept Invitation” button in that message.
    4. When prompted, log in to Box using your credentials - <rcsUsername> and your BOX password
    5. After logging in to Box, locate the notification message from Box that indicates you need to Accept or Reject the invitation to join the RPI Box instance.
    6. Click on the “Accept” link to complete the migration to RPI Box.
  7. You are now an active Box user under RPI’s Box instance.
  8. The web address for authenticating to the RPI Box instance is
  9. You’ll be asked to provide your RCSID and Password to authenticate to Box from now on.