Box @RPI - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: BoxSync - I receive a permissions error after installing Box Sync on my computer, and I can't synchronize files or folders from the root of the "Box Sync" directory on my computer.

A: On your computer - After installing and configuring Box Sync, locate the "Box Sync" folder. Inside, you should find a "Documents" folder. Any files and/or folders placed at the root of the "Box Sync" folder will NOT be synched to your Box account. If you want files synched to your Box account, they must be placed in the "Documents" folder.

On your Box account - The root of your Box account is the default repository for files and folders shared to you by other collaborators. From the Box web interface, any files and folders shared to you in the root directory can be configured to sync to your computer, alongside your "Documents" folder.

Q: Permissions - What Are The Different Access Levels For Collaborators?

A: When inviting a user as a collaborator within a folder, you will have the ability to set the level of access that user has to your content. Click here to see the chart.