Box @RPI Shared Space

What Is Shared Space?

Shared Box @RPI space is available for departments, research projects, and clubs of the Student Union. Shared space allows files to stay with the group or function, even when individuals move on. Generally speaking, shared Box @RPI space is provided in situations where a collaborative workspace is required and such a workspace would not appropriately originate in an individual Box @RPI account.

Shared Box @RPI space is set up with a standard folder that is initially shared to co-owners. The standard shared folder appears in the co-owners' individual Box @RPI accounts, allowing co-owners to manage it without a separate login.

Why Should I Use Shared Box Space?

As an employee, if your affiliation with RPI ends completely, your Box @RPI account will be deleted, and as a student, when you graduate from RPI, your Box account is converted to a personal Box account. In either case, that means others could lose access to information they might still need. Shared space is not owned by individuals so files stored in these folders don't have that risk. Even if all the collaborators & co-owners of the shared space leave the university, the shared space still resides in the Box @RPI contract-protected enterprise, and new co-owners can be assigned and old ones removed.

Shared Box @RPI space is subject to the same Terms & Conditions as any other Box @RPI account.

How Do I Get Shared Box Space?

Request shared space by completing the Shared Space Request Form. If you have trouble launching or using this form, please contact us at

You will need the following information to complete the Shared Space Request Form:

  • The account type (Department, Union Club, or Greek).
  • The department & portfolio owning the request.
  • A name for the shared Box space.
  • A brief description of the use of the shared account.
  • The ID's of the "requestor," and 2 "Co-Owners." - The requestor must be an RPI employee and can also be one of the "Co-owners." Each co-owner must be a current RPI employee or student.


How Do I Manage Shared Space?

You will need your own Box @RPI account, which you can sign up for using the tools described at

Start setting up your sharing and file structure. You can do this from your Box @RPI account as the co-owner of the folder that shows up at the root of your folder structure.


How Do I Manage the Default Co-Owners Group For My Shared Space?

When a shared space request is processed, a default group of "co-owners" is created. Initially, this group contains the user(s) who were specified as "Co-owners" AND the Requestor of the Shared Space. This group cannot be deleted and membership must be managed using the Group Management Tool, found here: Group Management Tool

Co-owners and requesters are NOT required to be Box account holders when the request is made or processed.

Regardless of Box account status, Co-Owners will have access to the group management tool.

Requestors and Co-owners who are not signed up for a Box account will NOT appear in the Box interface as "Co-owners" until they sign up for a Box account. Once the user signs up for a Box account, they will automatically appear in the Co-Owner Group in the Box interface and be granted co-owner rights to the Shared Space.

Co-owners who leave the employment of RPI will automatically be removed from the Box "Co-Owner" group.


Removing shared Box @RPI space

We recommend that you request removal of shared Box @RPI space when it is no longer needed. Please specify if you wish to have the space deleted to remove data that is no longer relevant and should no longer be accessed or simply inactivated, which allows future access to the content in the space should it be necessary. Before deleting a shared Box @RPI space, you can move the files you need to save to another Box @RPI account, to your local hard drive or to another storage location.

Send a request to the with the name of the shared space to be deleted or inactivated. The request for removal will be verified via email to the co-owners of the shared space root folders.


If you have any questions about the processes described above, please contact us at or contact the VCC Help Desk at 518-276-7777