Box @RPI Help

How do you get started using BOX @RPI ? 

Register for an account

Have questions about using the BOX service and interface? 

Try the Box Community Training Page

How do I collaborate with colleagues outside of Rensselaer?

Can I have another BOX account? 

Currently, Box @RPI is being rolled out on an individual basis. That is, one account per user.

Have a department or group that would like to use the BOX service? 

You can sign up for  a Box for Group by filling out the request form.

Is there a quota, or a maximum file size? 

Box @RPI user accounts are currently limited to a 50gb quota and a max individual file size of 15gb.

When are contents of Trash deleted? 

When do links to view/share content expire? 

Links created to share files and folders will, by default, expire after 100 days. This can be modified on a per file and per folder basis by each Box user.

What happens to my BOX @RPI content when I leave Rensselaer? 

  • For employees, a delegate will be assigned by your department for all electronic assets, and that individual will assume responsibility for data stored in the BOX space.
  • For students, you can request to have your RPI Box account migrated to a personal Box account, with a maximum of 50gb, free of charge. Contact us at for more information.