Taking Box @RPI With You

Students are allowed to convert their Box @RPI Enterprise account to a free private Box account when they leave the Institute.

*NOTE: This is not available to Staff and Faculty.

In order to convert your Box @RPI account into a private Box account:

  1. AFTER receiving your "Account Expiration Notice" from RPI, 30 days prior to graduating, but BEFORE you graduate...
  2. Log into your Box @RPI account.
  3. Add a non-RPI "Alternative" email address to your Box account.
  4. Save your account changes and exit Box.
  5. After graduation, as part of our automatic account expiration process, your Box account will be moved out of the Enterprise.
  6. You will receive a notification from Box about the change, at your alternative email address.
  7. Follow any and all subsequent Box instructions to complete the privatization process, including the creation of a new password.


If you have any questions about this proceedure, please contact us at Box-Help@rpi.edu