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This page is designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions that Data Warehouse users may face.  By clicking on each question below, you may expand the questions to find common solutions.

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  • Why is the Oracle Interactive Reporting tool (Brio) not opening when I try to login?

    Since the Oracle Interactive Reporting tool utilizes your web browser it must be compatible with the particular one that you are using.

    Currently, it works with IE8 (Internet Explorer) or with IE10 in compatibility mode (click for compatibility mode instructions).  However, it does not work at all with IE9 or any 64-bit browser.  So, if this was not an issue for you in the past, you’ve likely recently installed a new IE version on your PC or are using a new PC with a different browser installed.

    You may find information about what browser you're currently running by opening Internet Explorer, clicking on the blue "?" icon in the far top-right corner of your web browser, and selecting “About Internet Explorer.”  If it doesn’t explicitly state “64-bit” anywhere there, then you should be on the appropriate 32-bit browser.  It should also tell you there what version of Internet Explorer you currently have installed.

    If you do not have one of these compliant web browsers installed, we recommend that you install the latest IE10 version and access the Oracle Interactive Reporting tool in compatibility mode.


  • How do I install the Interactive Reporting Web Client?

    You can find instructions to install the Interactive Reporting Web Client by clicking here.

  • How do I change my Data Warehouse password?

    You can access the password change utility or find instructions on how to change your Data Warehouse password here.

  • I have dual monitors, and sometimes when I try to open the Interactive Reporting tool it doesn't open. Why does this happen?

    You can find instructions on how to use the Interactive Reporting tool with dual monitors here.

  • Why am I unable to locate a file that I've saved or exported to a specific location using the Interactive Reporting tool?

    Occasionally, when you go to save or export a file to a specific folder, your computer will attempt to instead save the file within a "virtual" folder with the same exact name.  Despite the two folders having identical names (i.e. Desktop), they have very different filepaths.  For instance, if you were to expand the Desktop filepath where the tool is claiming to save the file you would likely see that the file is actually being saved within a long chain of temporary folders with the last folder titled Desktop.

    To combat this in the future, you will want to actually expand out the folders where the file is claiming to be saved to guarantee that it is going where you want it to.  If it is not, then you will have to click through manually and choose the exact path where you want the file saved.

    To locate files that you've saved and cannot find, you will want to run a search on your C-drive for the filename.  The search will likely uncover the location of the saved file.