Technical Troubleshooting

This page is intended to help users navigate through various technical issues that may be preventing them from accessing the Data Warehouse.

Steps to resolve technical issues that are preventing access to the EPM Portal (EPM Portal Login)

Step 1 - Am I using the correct Internet browser?

The EPM Portal is technically only supported for use with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser and through version 8.  Therefore, if you are not using an Internet Explorer browser and would like to access the Data Warehouse, you must install it. 

Step 2 - Is my Internet Explorer browser 32-bit or 64-bit?

You may find detailed information regarding your current Internet Explorer version by clicking on the "Tools" menu and then “About Internet Explorer” within your Internet Explorer browser.  A popup window should display indicating what browser version number you currently have installed.  Also, if it doesn’t explicitly state “64-bit” anywhere within the popup, you are then on the appropriate 32-bit browser and you can move on to the next step.  Otherwise, since 64-bit browsers are not supported you will need to install a 32-bit Internet Explorer version to use when accessing the EPM Portal.

Step 3 - Am I using the correct Internet Explorer Version?

Despite the fact that the Data Warehouse is technically only supported through Internet Explorer version 8, this Internet Explorer Compatibility document suggests workarounds when attempting to use unsupported versions of Internet Explorer.  In the majority of cases, these workarounds will allow you to continue using later unsupported IE versions without experiencing any issues.  However, if these workarounds do not resolve all the issues that you may be experiencing then we recommend that you revert back to the supported Internet Explorer 8 version.

Step 4 - Do I have the Interactive Reporting Web Client installed on my PC?

If you can log into the EPM Portal, but are unable to open BQYs (queries), then you likely do not have the Interactive Reporting Web Client installed on your PC.  You can find instructions on how to install the Interactive Reporting Web Client by clicking here.

Step 5 - Still experiencing issues?

If you are still experiencing issues after completing the previous steps, please send an email to our Help/Support Email address at: