ThinkPad T22

For Fall 2001, the selected laptop computer is the IBM Thinkpad T22 with the following specifications, at a cost of $2,500 for the entire Mobile Computing Package:


Thinkpad T20 image

900 MHz Mobile Pentium III with Intel SpeedStep technology
256MB RAM (expandable)
32 GB internal hard drive
14.1" 1400x1050 SXGA+ TFT active matrix display (8MB SGRAM)
3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive
10/100 Ethernet/56K V.90 modem combo mini PCI card
DVD CD-ROM drive
PC card slot
Full complement of ports including: USB, serial, parallel
Lithium-ion battery
Three-year warranty
Weighs less than 5 pounds

Pre-Installed Software*

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Office XP Pro
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual Basic
Waterloo Maple 7(symbolic algebra program)
SolidWorks 2001 (a CAD package)
MapInfo Pro 6
National Instruments LabView 6i
Internet Explorer/Netscape Communicator
Norton Anti-virus software
and more

* The software is pre-installed on the laptop computer. Right-to-use licenses are included but installation media, such as CDs, and manuals are not.

Also included:

Security cable with lock
Kelty laptop carrying case (padded backpack)
Ethernet cable