User Roles

Note: You can only have ONE (1) user role per course. Please read the description of each role before requesting additional access.

  • Builder ~ can only Build a course. They do not have access to any student information or grading.
  • Grader ~ assists the Instructor in the grading of Assessments, Surveys, etc. They do not have access to Build a course.
  • Instructor ~ has access to most areas to develop, teach and facilitate a class
  • Teaching Assistant ~ has nearly the same access as an Instructor but cannot delete any content, students, etc.
  • Student ~ has a course user role.

To add a course Builder, Grader, Teaching Assistant or Student, log into your course and follow the steps listed below.

On the left-hand side of the course Menu, under Course Management > Control Panel, click Course Tools >Manage Users. Click Add Users by Role. Under 1. Select Users, enter the RCS UserID (which is the beginning of the RPI email address) in the Username field, select the Course Role and finally, click Submit.

If you want to enroll another Instructor, please send the following information to rpilms-support@rpi.edu

  • Persons Full Name
  • RPI Email Address
  • Course number and Course name ie: ENGR-2050-01 Intro to Engineering Design
  • A note to added them with Instructor Role.