Plotting Charges


The fees for these plotter have been set to recover the cost of supplies. The charges depend on print quality, paper quality and color/gray, as shown below. The variations in print quality are achieved by different plotter speeds. In best (or enhanced) mode, the plotter prints very slowly and deliberately, resulting in greater accuracy and therefore improved appearance.

vcp7100 vcp7100g vcpltcf
$1.25/foot - grayscale/draft $2.00/foot - grayscale/draft $2.25/foot - grayscale/draft
$1.50/foot - grayscale/normal $2.25/foot - grayscale/normal $2.50/foot - grayscale/normal
$1.75/foot - grayscale/best  $2.50/foot - grayscale/best $2.75/foot - grayscale/best
$1.75/foot - color/draft $2.50/foot - color/draft $2.75/foot - color/draft
$2.00/foot - color/normal $2.75/foot - color/normal $3.00/foot - color/normal
$2.25/foot - color/best  $3.00/foot - color/best  $3.25/foot - color/best

Plotting costs are charged to your Bursar bill from Rensselaer.