Using the Plotters from UNIX

Use the UNIX command lpr to send a PostScript file to a plotter, specifying one of vcp7100 vcp7100g or vcpltcf on the -P option.
For example, to send the file "" to vcp7100, the command would be:

    lpr -Pvcp7100

By default, output is color with "normal" or "standard" print quality. You can choose grayscale or specify print quality (pq) and paper size by using the -X option on the lpr command. The -X options are

    grayscale      (or greyscale)
    pq=fast        (or pq=draft)
    paper=<width>x<height>  (e.g., paper=20x30 means 20 inches wide by 30 inches high)

For example, to choose grayscale and "best" print quality on vcp7100, the UNIX command would be:

    lpr -Pvcp7100 -Xgrayscale,pq=best

Note that the "paper" option is rarely needed because the application normally sets the paper size. If the application doesn't set the size, you can use the "paper" option to set it or accept the default paper size of 36"x17".