Downloading Events (iCal Files)

The Rensselaer Events Calendar allows you to download iCal files for import into desktop calendaring software, such as:

  • Microsoft Outlook,
  • Apple's iCal, and
  • Palm Desktop.

We have also created a video tutorial explaining how to download an entire calendar and import it into Outlook.

Importing an event:

When viewing a single event or list of events, click the "Download iCal" icon: iCal icon - large (or iCal icon - small ):

Click iCal icon to start download

If you have a desktop calendar such as Microsoft Outlook installed, select "Open":

download dialog box - IE
dialog box in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

download dialog box - Mozilla
dialog box in Mozilla 1.4

If all goes well, the file should automatically load into your desktop calendar. Please note: this process performs an import only. The data is not syncronized; therefore, were you to re-import the same event, you would have two copies of it in your desktop calendar.

If You Have Trouble Importing Events:

If importing an event into your desktop calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Apple's iCal, Palm Desktop) doesn't go smoothly, try the following steps:

  1. Save the event to disk, and try importing the file manually.
  2. Save file to disk
    save the file in Mozilla 1.4

    Save file to disk
    save the file in Internet Explorer 6.0

    Once saved, use your desktop calendar software to import the file. For example, in Microsoft Outlook 2002 (XP), select File -> Import/Export . The following dialog box will appear:

    Import an iCal file into MS Outlook
    Import an iCal file into MS Outlook

    Click "Next" and follow the instructions to select the file you downloaded.

    To import the file into the Palm Desktop , change the file's extension from .ics to .vcs (vCal file). Then, from the Palm Desktop calendar, select File -> Import . Choose to import a vCal file.

    Note: if you download an event directly on a wireless PDA, you will automatically import a vCal file.

    If this process doesn't work, contact the Help Desk Consultants .

  3. If the above process works, you may wish to set your desktop calendar to the default application for iCal documents.
    1. In Windows XP select Tools -> Folder Options from any windows explorer (any folder).
    2. Select the File Types tab and locate the ICS extension.

      File Types -- ICS Extension
      Find the ICS file type

      If you can't find "ICS" in the list, you can create it by clicking New and entering ICS in the File Extension field.

    3. If the ICS file is not set to open with your default calendar, select change and choose your desktop calendar from the list of applications (for example, Microsoft Outlook or the Palm Desktop).

      Select the proper application for ICS files
      Select the application for ICS files

      If your desktop calendar does not appear in the list of appliations, you may need to click browse and locate it manually.

Once you have completed these steps, iCalendar files (.ics) should should load automatically into your desktop calendar application. If this doesn't resolve your problem, contact the Help Desk consultants