DotCIO - reminder about phishing attempts; particularly job scams

Mon, 03/15/2021 - 13:23 -- donohm2

Scam emails targeting college students are a recurring problem, and a common theme for these messages is an offer of employment that requires some sort of financial transaction, or which requests personal information. While members of the DotCIO staff are able to prevent most of these scam emails from reaching you, some will still sneak through from time to time. As a result, we encourage all members of the campus community to be aware that any e-mail messages of this nature are phishing attempts, and that they should be deleted immediately.

If you received and responded to a fake employment/scam offer -- or other similar phishing attempts -- in the past and shared any of your personal information, it unfortunately has more than likely been sent to corrupt individuals.  We strongly recommend that you change account passwords and, depending on what information you may have shared, that you also take any necessary additional steps to mitigate any further repercussions.  For example, if you had previously shared credit card information, you should cancel your old card and have a new one issued; if you had shared banking information, you should call your bank institution, and so on.  In addition, you should contact your local, state, or federal law enforcement agency right away; feel free to contact Rensselear's Department of Public Safety if you need assistance with this matter.

If you have any suspicions or doubt about an email, please check with the Help Desk or follow the steps in Reporting Spam/Phishing Email Attempts.

The links below also provide additional information on recent widespread scams and how to avoid them:

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