03/23/2020 - DotCIO Multimedia Services - allow time for Mediasite videos to be available

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 15:39 -- donohm2

Multimedia Services thanks the campus community for their patience as our servers work hard to encode the recent high volume of video uploads to the Mediasite platform. Our suite of servers processes each video. Depending on recording length, quality of video, and the number of videos uploaded, there may be a wait before each video is available to be viewed and/or added to the Learning Management System (LMS). Please be cognizant of this and plan for the time it will take. If you experience a wait time of more than an hour, please check the DotCIO Support Site, https://support.rpi.edu  for any potential outages. You may submit a Support Request through ITSSC if you have any questions or concerns.