LMS Summer 2021 Course Requests - Please Read

Thu, 05/06/2021 - 16:56 -- sommet

Please read the entire announcement.

RPI Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn 9.1 SaaS Release 3900.10.0) instructors, designers, and TA's

Do Submit a course request if:

  • You want to combine or merge multiple sections of a course into one LMS course or
  • You want to combine or merge cross-listed course/sections into one LMS course or
  • You want a prior course imported into the current semester course or
  • There are multiple instructors that need access to a LMS course or
  • You are not seeing the course in the LMS for the new term

The procedure to complete a support ticket:

 Go to http://support.rpi.edu and click "Get help -- Click to Enter ITSSC".

    Sign in, located in the upper right-hand corner.

    After you've signed in click "Submit a request".

    Request categories = LMS (Learning Management System)

    Here are a few fields where there might be questions and suggestions of what to enter:

    Subject = the course name

    Detailed Description = the course name

    LMS Request Category (select one) = Course Request (Instructors/Course Designers Only)

DO NOT* Submit a course request if:

  • You have a single course section and
  • You are the only instructor of record for that course, and
  • You don't need the course/section setup based on a prior course term and
  • You see the course listed in the LMS for the next term.

*Your course/section has automatically been added to the LMS. The instructor of record is listed and the students will automatically be added to your course the Friday before classes begin. You CANNOT manually add students.