RPInfo has more than just a new look

Fri, 10/28/2016 - 08:07 -- gillw3

On October 27th, RPINFO,  http://rpinfo.rpi.edu, the directory of services, resources, and information for the Rensselaer community, was updated. RPInfo looks different, but perhaps more significantly, it received the most significant technology upgrade since it first made an appearance in 1994 as a flat HTML site.

RPInfo is now a responsive website, which displays appropriately on mobile and desktop devices. The new RPINFO, renamed as info.rpi.edu, is implemented using Rensselaer's current web technology, and Institute branding. A new, faster, easier to navigate people and department directories replaces the old directories.

Info.rpi.edu was designed to be more than just a directory of services - it can contain 'micro-sites' that can be deployed quickly to represent projects, offices and initiatives at Rensselaer. This initial rollout includes four other micro-sites, produced in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Education:  Undergraduate Research, Advising and Learning Center, International Programs, and the Office of Undergraduate Education.

RPINFO c. 1994


RPINFO c 2014