12/12/2019 - DotCIO aware of phishing email regarding email storage

Thu, 12/12/2019 - 16:07 -- donohm2

DotCIO is aware of a phishing email that has propagated regarding a quota warning on your email storage.  Our email administrators have taken mitigating steps on this phishing attempt.  If you clicked on the link and attempted to login you should change your password immediately and to something radically different than what you had before.


While we do have an automated email warning about quota, this email message never has links.  Additionally, the link in the phishing email that was sent took you to a non-RPI site.  So it is best to be cautious and not click on suspicious links nor attempt to login if you are prompted on a non-RPI site which can be determined from the address in the URL.   When in doubt submit a Support Request via https://support.rpi.edu - Get Help, copy and paste the email in question into the request and we will investigate it for you.  You can report phishing emails as well which helps us to take steps to diminish any harm.

This article has useful information on our anti-spam service, RESPITE, including information about spam and phishing:


If you have any questions please freel free to contact Mare Donohue, Help Desk Manager, donohm2@rpi.edu