DotCIO announces retirement of AFS (Andrew File System)


AFS, Andrew File System, is a distributed file system deployed at Rensselaer in 1991.  Currently it is used for file/data storage and serving legacy web content.  The service has dwindling usage given the availability of modern file storage and web hosting solutions.  It is necessary to retire this service to maintain an acceptable cybersecurity posture.    The service will be retired at Rensselaer in stages over the next 8 months, sunsetting the service in September 2024.

File Storage – Departmental and individual.
Those still using AFS for file storage, are encouraged to migrate their data to a different solution as outlined in these articles:

Where should I save my documents?

File services comparison

Shared departmental Box space can be requested:
Generally speaking, shared Box space is provided in situations where a collaborative workspace is needed.  Please submit a request for Shared Box space to move your collaborative files from AFS.  Box Drive provides an easy way to transfer files. 

Web Hosting
Rensselaer's central web servers host as well as many related departmental web sites. To meet its functions of education, research, and administration, Rensselaer's web presence must maintain the highest standards of availability, performance, and accessibility.

On March 6, 2024 web access to departmental and personal AFS space (homepages) will be restricted to on campus access only – Internet access will be restricted.  If off campus, access will require connection to the VPN.

The web services team will be in contact with departments with active content to move to a standard web presence.  Faculty should utilize for public facing web content.
On June 5, 2024 web access to departmental and personal AFS space (homepages) will be retired altogether.

Questions and Support:
If you have questions, need support or are utilizing AFS for any other purpose and need an alternative solution, please contact us by submitting a Support Request

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