UPDATED - now 11/06/2023 - DotCIO retiring Duo passcodes and SMS Text options


Due to a phishing over the weekend, DotCIO has removed the SMS/Text options from Duo multi-factor authenitication a couple of days earlier than scheduled.  These options were removed on 11/05/2023.

These older DUO 2-factor methods are less secure and more vulnerable to phishing attacks including:

  • DUO Mobile Passcodes
  • SMS Text Options

DUO application with verified push is the preferred method.  

For those who cannot run the DUO application on their phone, hardware tokens are available at the bookstore and still supported.  Phone calls are still supported but will be retired in the near future, date to be determined.

To make the change you may need to select Other Options when presented with a Duo prompt and then select Duo Push.  This should set the default option going forward.

If you have any questions, need assistance with making this change and/or if a hardware token is purchased, please submit a Support Request.  For hardware tokens, please provide the serial number on the back and we will let you know when it has been added to your DUO account.


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