eduroam available to the Rensselaer Community

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 12:07 -- rigby

Rensselaer now participates in eduroam, a secure world-wide roaming Internet access service developed for the international research and education community.  This service allows community members at participating institutions to obtain internet connectivity at any other participating institution.  More than 5500 institutions in over 50 countries participate in this service; a list of participants in the United States is also available.

Visitors to the Rensselaer campuses located in Troy, New York and Hartford, Connecticut can use eduroam by connecting to the SSID “eduroam,” available in most areas of the campuses.  If the device is already configured to connect to eduroam, connection should be automatic.  Otherwise, please provide a username in the form username@domain_of_host_institution, along with the appropriate password for that account from the home institution.  Visitors should consult with support from their home institution if they experience difficulties connecting to eduroam at Rensselaer.

Rensselaer community members travelling to another eduroam participating institution should, prior to leaving the Rensselaer campus, install the configuration available at the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (search for "rensselaer", not "rpi"), and then test the configuration by connecting to the Rensselaer eduroam SSID.  After entering your credentials in the Configuration Assistant Tool, your system should connect automatically.  If connection is not automatic and you need to provide your username and password, use as the username and your RCS password.  For assistance, please contact the VCC Helpdesk.

For more information about this service, we suggest these articles from the eduroam US and international sites:

Acceptable Use Policy:

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