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RCS Accounts, Microsoft Office 365, E-Mail, Web Pages: What you should know upon graduation!

  Important Dates

RCS account

Expires six weeks after graduation

Microsoft Office 365

Expires six weeks after graduation -- your data should be moved to another source available to you


Expires six weeks after graduation. e-mail forwarding set up before account expiration remains in effect for an additional 120 days.

Box Expires prior to graduation.  Please visit Taking Box @RPI with you for important information.

Web pages

Pages requiring RCS login are no longer viewable after account expiration.

Locker space

Must be permitted to another user or users before the graduating student's account expires.


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  • How long will my RCS account be active?

    Your RCS account  will remain active for approximately six weeks after graduation. You will receive e-mail notification, sent to your RCS e-mail account, at least two weeks before your account's expiration.  Please refer to the RCS Accounts section of this website for more information about account expiration.

  • How long will my e-mail address ( be valid? If someone sends me e-mail using my current e-mail account, will that e-mail be forwarded?

    You can continue to access e-mail sent to your e-mail address until your RCS account expires. Once your account expires, you can no longer authenticate to receive e-mail at that address. However, if you set up e-mail forwarding before your account expires, new e-mail will be forwarded for an additional 120 days.

    Spam filtering - Respite stops filtering e-mail after your RCS account expires. If you are having your e-mail forwarded, any spam will get forwarded rather than be blocked. If you would like the forwarding stopped, please send an e-mail request to the Help Desk staff.

    Please refer to the RCS Accounts section of this website for more e-mail related information.

  • I have web pages in my RCS account. How long will these pages be visible?

    The web pages will no longer be viewable after your account expires.

  • I have locker space in which I have files and/or data to be shared by others. What should I do before I leave?

    Before you leave Rensselaer, please give someone else in your group the appropriate file permissions to administer the /locker space. (If you need help setting file permissions, you can see the consultants at the VCC Help Desk or see memo RPI.114, Sharing Files on RCS UNIX Systems.)

    Note: The locker does not expire, even when the userid to which it is assigned expires. Departments will continue to be billed for the locker disk space until ARC receives explicit notice to expire the locker.