RCS UserID/E-mail Expiring?

Student Rensselaer userIDs are created and expired automatically based on information from the Registrar. You must be a registered student to have an active RCS student account. If your userID has been set to expire, you are not listed as a registered student at this time. This happens if you graduate, or leave Rensselaer, including leave of absence.

If your account is set to expire, and you are still a student, you need to confirm the registration with the Registrar's Office. Once the registrar has completed the registration process, and you are listed as a registered student, the information will be picked up by our accounting program, and the expiration date will be cleared. If your account had already expired when you re-register, it will be reactivated with the same userID, a new password, and all the files should be there.

If you are having registration problems, please talk with the staff at the Registrar's Office. We will work closely with them to avoid premature account expiration.

If you are on co-op, or are working on degree completion, you still have to register.

If you have graduated and are not returning to Renssleaer, you may wish to forward your email. Forwarding will be in effect for six months. After the six months, any e-mail sent to your account will be bounced back to the sender.

To forward your e-mail, students can use the web-based mail forwarding program before your account expires. You will be asked to enter your RCS userID and password.