Updating Your Directory Information

Rensselaer's on-line directory contains general directory information for all faculty, staff, and students at the Troy and Hartford campuses. Please take a minute to verify that your information provided in the on-line directory is accurate. (In all cases, the system will prompt you to provide your RCS userID and password for authentication purposes.)

Directory administrators

If you're a designated directory administrator, you have the ability to make changes for all individuals within your department -- including department titles and Rensselaer telephone numbers -- in addition to being able to view and update your own personal directory information.

As a directory administrator, you can also download a tab separated value file (TSV) to a spreadsheet (such as Excel), which will list all of the individuals assigned to your department. (The system will prompt you as to how and where the file should be saved.)

Faculty and staff

Most of Rensselaer's faculty and staff can only access and update their own personal directory information. However, they cannot change their title or Rensselaer telephone number; this is a job for their department administrator.


Information in the student directory is gathered from a number of different sources, but, in general, each student's address and telephone number information is maintained by the Registrar's Office.

As a student here at Rensselaer, you can use the Student Information System (SIS) to:

  • View your local information
  • Update your permanent (or off-campus) address and phone number.

However, you can also access and update some of your on-line directory information, such as your e-mail address, homepage URL, and fax number.


  • If you live on campus and move between residence halls, the Office of Residence Life will automatically update your local address and phone number.
  • Unless you specifically provide an e-mail address as you're updating your information, your e-mail address will not appear in the printed directory.
  • Please contact the Registrar's Office for more complicated directory updates.