EZ Snapshot FAQ

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  • How can I get help with EZ-Snapshot?

    For help with EZ-Snapshot, you can:


  • When will I be billed if I use the EZ-Snapshot service?

    The initial free storage allocation is 20GB of storage on the server. If you do not exceed 20GB of storage on the server, you will not be billed.

    You will be billed $20 at the time your server storage exceeds the 20GB storage allocation. Once billed, your storage allocation is increased by 5GB. This fee pays for the increased allocation until the following August.

    If you are registered for EZ-Snapshot prior to September 1st, and your server usage is greater than 20GB, you will be billed for your excess allocation in early November.

    Each time you exceed your current storage allocation, you will be billed $20, and your storage allocation will be increased by 5GB.


  • How do I know how much storage I am using on the EZ-Snapshot server?

    You can check your current usage and allocation from the RCS User Profile Manager web page.

  • How do I register for EZ-Snapshot?

    Students can complete the Student registration form.

    Faculty and Staff can complete the Faculty and Staff registration form.

    Campus departments can complete the Departmental registration form.


  • How do I renew my EZ-Snapshot registration?

    If you are currently registered for the EZ-Snapshot service, you can continue to use the service, and your registration will automatically be continued. If you connect to EZ-Snapshot after September, you registration will be automatically renewed.

    You will have until the end of October to decide whether you would like to re-register for the service. After October 31st, your backup files will be removed from the server.


  • How do I cancel my EZ-Snapshot registration?

    If you do not intend to continue to use the EZ-Snapshot service, you can allow your registration to expire. We will automatically cancel all registrations which remain inactive from September 1 st until October 31 st .

    If you do not use EZ-Snapshot after September 1 st, your EZ-Snapshot registration will automatically be expired.

    You can also send e-mail to EZ-Snap-support requesting that your registration be canceled.


  • How do I reduce my storage usage on the server?

    Your backup data is stored by disk or filespace. Backup files can be deleted for entire filespaces only. It is not possible to remove backup files for individual files, or portions of filespaces.

    If you wish to have backup data for old disks removed, you can send e-mail to EZ-Snapshot support , requesting that the data for a filesystem be removed.

    Remember that you are billed in 5GB allocation increments as your usage increases. You will be billed as each 5GB allocation is exceeded, and once billed, you have paid for your total allocation for the entire EZ-Snapshot annual registration. Therefore, reducing your storage usage on the server after you have been billed for an storage allocation increment will not result in a refund of any prior charges.


  • Why do I have more storage on the EZ-Snapshot server than I have disk space used?

    The following are possible causes of unexpectedly high EZ-Snapshot server storage usage.

    • Many compressed files, such as MPEG, JPEG, MP3 -- All files are compressed on the client system, prior to sending them to the EZ-Snapshot server. Some file formats are already compressed on the system disk. Files which are normally in a compressed format often become larger after the compression algorithm is run.
    • Many changing files -- The EZ-Snapshot server will store up to two backup copies of a file. If many files are changing frequently, the server can be storing two copies of each file.