Frequently Asked Questions about Roundcube

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roundcube (Rensselaer's IMAP Webmail client)

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  • I am over quota, what do I do?

    The quota for IMAP mailboxes is 500MB, and cannot be increased.  In order to make space for new incoming messages, you will have to delete emails that are in the mailbox.  If you would like to save these messages, you can utilize a local client like Outlook or Thunderbird, and copy the messages to a local folder outside of the RPI mailbox before deleting them from the server.

    Messages that are put into the Trash folder in IMAP still count against the quota.  To effectively delete messages when you are over quota, you can empty the Trash folder:

    1. Log into Roundcube
    2. In the lower left corner, click the gear (Folder actions) button. 
    3. Select “Empty” from the options given. 
    4. Click “OK” in the pop-up window to confirm deletion of all messages in the Trash folder.
    5. Your quota usage is listed on the email page in the lower left corner.

    Mailbox so full you can't move items into Trash?

    1. In the upper right corner, click the gear (Settings) button.
    2. On this page there are three sections.  Under Settings, select Preferences.  Under Section, select "Server settings".
    3. In the right section, check the box next to "If moving messages to Trash fails, delete them."
    4. Click the Save button to confirm your changes.
  • Why is my Roundcube mailbox empty?

    If you are a new employee (faculty or staff), your mailbox is located on our other email server, and can be access at

    If you have previously used Roundcube or your RPI IMAP mailbox and suddenly find that your inbox is empty, please contact the VCC Helpdesk.  We will need to know the last time your inbox was full and if any action was taken that may have caused messages to be deleted/moved.  In some cases, we may be able to restore those messages.


  • I cannot login to Roundcube

    Roundcube login requires that you have an active status at Rensselaer, either as a registered student or as a current employee.  Any change in status can affect the ability to login to your email, and will generate an email notification to inform you of exactly when your account will no longer be accessible.  If you receive this notification in error, please contact the Registrar's office (students) or your department (employees) to resolve the issue.


    Occassionally, our logs indicate that an RCS account has been compromised, and that account will be suspended until the owner contacts the VCC Helpdesk so that we can verify the owner's identity and restore the account.


  • How do I copy an address book into the new Roundcube webmail?

    1.      Login to the Roundcube webmail:
    2.      In the upper right corner, select the person icon, “Address Book”.
    3.      On the new page, if it is not already selected, highlight “Personal Addresses”.   In the upper left corner, select the “Import” button.
    4.      In the new window, click the “Browse” button to navigate to the location of the file.     Once the file is selected, click the “Import” button.
    5.      Your contacts should appear in your Roundcube address book page.
  • Can Roundcube be used to read mail on the Exchange server?

    No.  This is the web-based client for Rensselaer's IMAP servers, not our Exchange service.  The web client for Exchange is


  • What is Roundcube?

    This open source software, first available in 2008, has been used by many large universities, including UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan.

    Additional background on Roundcube can be found at

  • How do I access shared folders, or mailboxes I have delegate access to?

    1. Log into RoundCube
    2. In the lower left corner, click the gear (Folder actions) button, and select “Manage folders”.
    3. On this page there are three sections.  You will see all folders to which you have access in the second section.  To subscribe to a folder so you can view the contents, click the box to add a check mark.
    4. Shared folders can be found under “Shared Folders”.  For delegate access, look under “Other Users”.
    5. Click the envelope icon in the upper right corner to return to mail.  Your folders should be available on the left.
  • Roundcube on smartphones?

    The browsers on many smartphones can connect to Roundcube without difficulty, but some models may not be able to.  In those cases, we recommend using the local client on the device to connect directly to the IMAP server: