Mobile Exchange (MobEx)

MobEx Overview

Mobile Exchange is a service which enables Rensselaer employees, with approved iOS and Android devices, to access their Exchange mailbox, calendars, and other Exchange assets through a mobile device. The MobEx service, which began in 2005, is sustained by an annual subscription fee. The $100 per-user subscription fee is assessed on a yearly basis and allows for users to configure up to three mobile devices for access to their Exchange mailbox.

Why MobEx?

Enrolling your mobile device with our MDM server (AirWatch) allows you to use a web browser from any computer to remotely access or wipe your mobile phone in the event it's lost or stolen; the AirWatch MyDevice portal even lets you reset your passcode if you've forgotten it. The MobEx MDM will automatically provision your device so that it synchronizes with your Exchange email, calendar, and contacts. For iPhone and iPad devices, the enrollment process configures your device with the appropriate VPN settings, so that conducting Institute business on your iPhone can be done securely. 

Which Mobile Devices Must Enroll With MobEx

Any approved smartphone or tablet device used to access RPI resources (for example, email), whether it's your own device or a device that was issued to you by Rensselaer, must be enrolled with the AirWatch MDM server. Users are actively discouraged from configuring their mobile devices to access their Exchange mailbox using IMAP to avoid enrolling with the AirWatch MDM server.

How MobEx MDM Works

When you enroll with RPI’s AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM) server, the enrollment process installs several configuration profiles on your mobile device. These profiles contain configuration settings which will allow you to access RPI’s Exchange servers securely and automatically. Enrolling with the MobEx MDM will not affect the performance of your mobile device. It will enable you, however, to manage it remotely in the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen.

Getting Started with Mobex

Users should speak with their departmental support staff for guidance regarding what devices are supported and for advice on how to enroll their approved devices. In the event that you do not have a computer support group or you are unsure about who supports your mobile device, please contact the VCC Help Desk. After your account has been provisioned, support staff will provide you with step-by-step instructions for enrolling your mobile device.