Android Enrollment Instructions for MobEx

The enrollment process completes the steps necessary to connect your Android device to RPI's Exchange server.

  1. Install the AirWatch MDM Client App - On your Android phone or tablet - Go to the Play store and install the free "AirWatch Agent" App
  2. Launch the "Agent" App on your mobile device
  3. Select "Enter Server Details" through the enrollment process using the following information:
    • Enrollment URL:
    • Group ID: {Provided to you by your support staff}
    • Username: RCS ID
    • Password: RCS Password
    • Device Ownership: Select "Corporate - Dedicated" unless
      • ​​You share the cost of the device, select "Corporate- Shared"
      • If this is a personal device, select "Employee Owned"
  4. Accept and Acknowledge any security warnings and requests to install device profiles during the enrollment process

​Once enrollment is completed...

  1. Using your web browser, log into the RPI AirWatch Portal -
  2. Select the mobile device you just enrolled from the left side of your portal page
  3. Click on "Go to Details" arrow -- Click the "Profiles" tab
  4. Click the box next to the right of Optional RPI Android AirWatch Email Client - Click "Install" button
  5. Click the box next to the right of Optional RPI Android TouchDown Email Client - Click "Install" button
  6. Your device should now display an AirWatch notification, in the notification area of your screen (top of the screen).
  7. Clicking on the AirWatch notification will take you to the Google Play store to download your selected email client.
  8. During installation and configuration, accept/confirm any notifications to complete the configuration of your email client.
  9. Email and calendar will start synching and be available in the airwatch or touchdown email client.