Exchange Policies

Exchange Service Policies:

DotCIO Supported Email Clients:

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above
  2. Microsoft Outlook 2011 for MAC
  3. Thunderbird 15.X and above

Mailbox quota information:

NOTE: Mailbox size directly effects the performance of your e-mail client, especially in situations where you are retrieving e-mail from off campus. Below is information regarding your Exchange mailbox quota.

  1. You will receive a reminder when your mailbox size is: 1.9GB
  2. You will not be able to send e-mail, but may continue to receive e-mail at: 2GB
  3. You will be unable to send or receive e-mail at: 2.3GB

Deleted Items Management:

  • All items residing in your 'Deleted Items' folder, on the Exchange server, will be purged 30 days after they have been relinquished to the 'Deleted Items' folder
  • All items residing in your 'Junk E-Mail' folder, on the Exchange server, will be moved to 'Deleted Items' 30 days after they have been read
  • All items residing in your 'RSS Feeds' folder, on the Exchange server, will be moved to 'Deleted Items' 60 days after they have been read

Maximum number of recipients:

NOTE: There are alternatives for users wishing to send mass mailings, including, Sympa lists and third party vendors. Any message which needs to be sent to more than the maximum recipient limit listed below, requires approval from the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vice President, John Kolb.

  • The maximum number of recipients per message is:100 users.

Message Size:

NOTE: Message size greatly impacts the overall performance of the e-mail system. There is a noticeable delay in retrieving e-mail on your mail client when large attachments are received or sent, especially when doing so over slower connections. Please keep in mind that your recipient's mail service may not accept messages based on a different limit than we have provided.

  • The maximum message size, including attachment(s) is: 100 megabytes [MB]
  • When sending large messages, please keep the following in mind:
    • Attachments expand, on average, 33% when sent through email
    • A recipient's email service may not accept mail this large

Usupported Attachment Types:

NOTE: The following file type extensions are not supported when included in e-mail, as an attachment. The original message and any accompanying text will be delivered to the recipient, however, the attachment(s) will be replaced with text indicating that the original message contained an attachment, which is unsupported, and was removed. The contents of ZIP files, and other data compression file types, are scanned as well, and if they contain at least one prohibited file type, the entire compressed data file is removed and replaced with a text file explaining the action taken.




































Outlook Web Access Timeout:

NOTE:This is the period of time which you will remain authenticated to our Exchange service, using Outlook Web Access (OWA), without activity. The timeout period depends on how you chose to log in to OWA. From the login page, you have two options as to how you can proceed: "PUBLIC or SHARED COMPUTER" or "PRIVATE COMPUTER" login types. Each is set differently and is designed to log you off in the event you have walked away from your computer and forgotten to log out. On public machines, this timeout period, is set very low, so that when you walk away from a public workstation, you do not inadvertently leave your e-mail session to Exchange open, allowing another individual to access your personal information. On a private workstation, the timeout value is set relatively high. This assumes that the workstation is in a fairly secure location and the chances of someone sitting down at an unattended session and gaining access to your personal information is low. It is recommended that no matter your intent, that you always log off any secure session prior to leaving your workstation. Below are the timeout values for OWA sessions.

  1. After signing in at the login page, the default setting of "Public or Shared Computer", the session will timeout after an inactivity period of 15min.
  2. After signing in at the login page and selecting "Private Computer", the session will timeout after an inactivity period of 7 hours.