Steps to follow if you feel your email has been compromised

  1. Change your RCS password as soon as you can

  2. If you have used this same password for other applications/sites, it is recommended to change this password.

  3. If your RPI email has been locked, please come to the VCC Help Desk to have your laptop scanned for potential viruses and malware

  4. If you have setup a signature to appear when you compose a new email, or even if you have not, you will want to check this option within the email system you are using. i.e. webmail/Gmail, etc. We have found that signatures may get compromised.

  5. After the laptop has been scanned, Help Desk staff will have you change your password again.

  6. Sometimes when your account is compromised, your email signature, filters, rules and forwarding may have been modified.  If you need assistance on where to locate these options please contact the helpdesk.