File services comparison

  Box OneDrive Home Folders AFS
  Primary recommendation for new use cases Usage not recommended for Staff or Institionial usage Availability, capabilities and recommendation varies by business unit Deprecated, not recommended for new use cases
Initial Disk Space 50GB 50GB depends 250MB
Max Disk Space Unlimited 1TB Unlimited Unlimited
Max file size 5GB 50GB none 24GB
Recommended for        
Student use Yes Yes Yes  
Faculty and Staff use Yes   Yes  
Department use Yes No Yes  
"Shared" Workspaces for institutionial use Yes No Yes Yes
Store confidential data  No No Yes Yes
Can sync with multiple computers or phones Yes Yes No No
Large file performance Slow Slow Fast Medium
What happens when a student leaves RPI? Can request to have RPI Box account migrated to personal Box account – Max 50 gb - free Expires with RCS Account Expires with RCS Account Expires with RCS Account
Charge No No Yes Yes