Mapping a Network Drive to RCS Using the OpenAFS Client

The OpenAFS service is pre-installed in the Mobile Computing Program laptops.  The icon for the service is labeled "Connect to RCS" on the desktop.

When you launch the OpenAFS application, the system will request RCS authentication and will open two windows; one for your AFS home directory, and the other for the RPI AFS directory. You can then open Windows Explorer and drag and drop files to and from your laptop and AFS.

The following video tutorials explain how to download, install, and use the OpenAFS client to map drives into the Rensselaer Computing System (RCS). This is particularly useful for accessing web content and other files in /dept space or your personal home page.

Installing the OpenAFS Client:

This step explains how to get the OpenAFS client and install/configure it.


Getting Tokens:

Once the OpenAFS client is installed, you authenticate to AFS by getting "tokens".

Mapping a Drive With the OpenAFS Client:

How to get access to files and folders within RCS.