RCS Disk Space for a Department or Club

For departments: Each department is granted 50 MB of disk space on RCS at no charge. Each department needs to have a disk administrator in charge of granting people system permissions to use the disk space.

To obtain disk space or request an increase in disk space, please fill out the RCS Departmental Disk Space Request form (pdf file) available on-line or at the VCC Help Desk with the appropriate authorization. But, please first check the /dept directory in RCS to see if your department already has disk space.

For clubs: Clubs sponsored by the Rensselaer Union are granted 10 MB of disk space for free. Please contact the Union via electronic mail at union@rpi.edu.

Note: If you are obtaining disk space to store items for use in RPInfo, you will need to change the permissions in the /dept space to system:anyuser.