RCS "Locker" Disk Space

You can obtain disk space on RCS, called /locker , to share with other people. This disk space can remain after your account expires and can be administered by someone else. The space must be sponsored by your department, so you will need approval for payment from a department chair or authorized budget signee and you will need a budget number.

To apply for /locker disk space, please fill out a Locker Request form (pdf file) available on-line or at the Help Desk in the VCC. The space will be available for your use in one business day.

The extra disk space on RCS costs 25 cents per MB, per month for the first 50 MB and 15 cents per month for space above 50 MB.

Remember: When you leave Rensselaer, please give someone else in your group file permission to administer the /locker space before you go.