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Wed, 11/16/2016 - 15:32 -- sommet

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  • Teaching Style/Course Structure

    Teaching Style/Course Structure are predefined course materials such as menu links, instructions and content examples that can jump-start your course organization. Course Structures are grouped in categories based on Activity, Communication, Content or Theme.

    To change your Course Structure, under Course Management Control Panel click Customization then Teaching Style. The Teaching Style screen will appear.

        course structure

    You can choose a different course structure by clicking on the course structure name in the left-hand side menu. A preview of the course structure will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Once you decide which course structure you want to switch to, click Submit. If you want to keep the existing course structure clickCancel.

  • Course Entry Point

    You can select the first area/page users see when they enter your course by setting the Course Entry Point.

    Under Course Management Control Panel click Customization, then click Teaching Style. The Teaching Style window will appear.

      teach style window

    From the Select Course Entry Point section, you can click on the Entry Point dropdown arrow, scroll to and select the page you want the students to see upon entering your course site.

      course entry point

    Click Submit to save your selection.

  • Course Theme

    The Course Theme is the visual colors and/or background design applied to your course.

    The Course Theme Icon, is only visible when Edit Mode is: ON, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of your course.

      edit mode on

    To change the Course Theme, click on the Course Theme icon, located to the left of Edit Mode is:

      course theme icon

    A pop-out menu will appear with a variety of course themes categorized by color, design, season, structure and subject.

      theme menu

    When you click on a theme you will instantly see how the selected theme will look. You will also receive a success message at the top of the course.

      theme success

    To change or view another theme, repeat

  • Select Course Banner

    Course Banner appears at the top of the course's entry point page. The image should be no more than 700 pixels by 200 pixels.

    To add a Course Banner, under Course Mangement Control Panel click Customization, then Teaching Style. The Teaching Style window will appear.

      teaching style window

    Click Browse My Computer to navigate and select a banner image. Then click Submit.

      select banner image

    If you want to change an existing banner, click Delete this banner then click Browser My Computer to select a different banner image. Finally click Submit.