Downstream Incubator Company Internet Connections

To a reasonable extent, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (hereafter referred to as "Rensselaer") will allow qualifying companies (hereafter referred to as the "Client" or "Clients") to connect to Rensselaer's campus computer network for the purpose of gaining access to the Internet.

To qualify for a connection to the Rensselaer campus network, the Client must be a participant in the Rensselaer Incubator Program and an Incubator tenant. The Incubator facilities must the principal operating location for Client. This document outlines the policy governing computer network connections between Rensselaer and those Incubator companies.

General Conditions

  • Rensselaer will permit a Client to connect to its campus computer network to enable that Client to have an electronic presence on the World Wide Web and to exchange electronic information in support of business activities. However, Clients intent on providing significant services via the network will be encouraged to seek out other Internet access arrangements; they may not use their Rensselaer network access for any line of business.
  • Rensselaer will assist each Client in registering appropriate Internet domain names, and will provide domain name service for the Client.
  • Rensselaer may limit a Client's choices for connection, and may impose specific requirements for the connection's manufacturer and electronics model.
  • The Client must conform to all requirements defined by NYSERNet for downstream Internet connections. Rensselaer will not provide network connections to any organization not in good standing with NYSERNet.
  • The connection to the Rensselaer campus is provided solely for the Client's own use. The Client will not allow anyone other than its own employees or Rensselaer faculty, staff, and students to access the Rensselaer network (or beyond) from a Client's location. Nor will the Client extend the network -- or access to it -- to any other location (including, for example, any unintentional propagation to some wireless communications technology).
  • Any "network visible" device which a Client connects to the network -- that is, any device which responds to a network address, including any devices protected by a firewall or network-address translator -- must have a unique network name and address, both of which Rensselaer will administer exclusively.
  • A Client shall maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct relative to its network activities, and shall do nothing to damage the reputation of Rensselaer or to jeopardize its relationship with NYSERNet.
  • In its role as a network administrator, Rensselaer may from time to time monitor network traffic or probe devices on the network for unauthorized activities or security weaknesses.
  • Each Client is solely responsible for all usage of its network connection.

Fees and Payments

  • The Client is responsible for any and all fees required of it by NYSERNet under NYSERNet's policies or special agreements for downstream Internet connections.
  • The Client will pay Rensselaer a recurring monthly fee for continued service. Rensselaer may adjust its fees upward or downward at the beginning of each calendar year to accommodate changes in service cost-recovery model costs.
  • If and when other network-related service fees, such as hostname registration, are instituted on campus, the Client will pay any such applicable fees.

Termination of Service

  • The Client may terminate network service without cause at any time; it needs only to provide Rensselaer with one day's written notice of its desire to do so. Rensselaer will refund any fees Client has prepaid for months after the termination date.
  • Rensselaer may terminate network service to a Client without cause at the end of any month, but must provide the Client with at least 60 days' written notice of its intention to do so. Rensselaer will refund any fees the Client has prepaid for months after the termination date.
  • Rensselaer may suspend or terminate the Client's network service immediately if the Client (1) has payments more than 30 days in arrears, (2) fails to meet requirements dictated by NYSERNet, or (3) commits a severe violation of the provisions of this agreement.

    In general, if Rensselaer detects any minor transgressions, it will issue a warning to the Client and ask them to correct the situation. (At Rensselaer's sole discretion, network service may be suspended while the situation is addressed.) If the Client is unwilling or unable to correct the problem, or establishes a regular pattern of violating the provisions of this agreement, Rensselaer may deem the Client's violation(s) as severe. Rensselaer will refund any fees the Client has prepaid for months after the termination date.