Morning Mail

Morning Mail is a curated news service that aggregates news and event information from all over Rensselaer, and re-packages it for distribution to the campus community. Users may receive news by email, RSS, and JSON feed, and all members of the campus community are subscribed to the Morning Mail service by default.

Morning Mail content comes from two main sources:

  • The campus events calendar is the natural content repository for most MorningMail items, in that anything that gets posted to the calendar will not only be seen there, but will automatically get fed into the queue of potential MorningMail items.
  • MorningMail also regularly checks feeds on various campus websites for updated news items. When a news item gets added to a site, the headline and a snippet of the text gets pulled into the queue of Morning Mail items.

Whatever the news source, the Morning Mail curators can review a potential news item and tag it to appear in Morning Mail on any given day (or days). Every distributed Morning Mail article ultimately links back to the source, driving traffic back to the originators' website and organization. This process reminds contributors that they are authoritative and responsible for the information they provide.

Some current Morning Mail sources include the campus events calendar, as well as news items from Rensselaer's Athletics department, the Dean of Students Office, Human Resources, the Lighting Research Center, Public Safety, the Student Health Center, and a host of schools and departments across campus.

Please refer to the Morning Mail website for more information about this news service, including information on managing your Morning Mail subscription.