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  • Entering Events

    1. Before entering an event, look to see if it has already been entered by another group (or by another member of your group). Making this a habit will help us avoid duplicate entries. It is possible that an event may be created under a different title than you'd expect. Because you can only edit events added by your group, if you'd like to change an existing event created by a different group, you'll need to contact the original poster (use the contact information attached to the event).
    2. Tag events with all appropriate topical areas.
    3. Ongoing events that last longer than a week, such as "registration", should be tagged with the "Ongoing" topical area.
    4. Do not include locations and times in the description field (unless it is to add extra information not already displayed).
    5. In general, make your titles descriptive: rather than "Lecture" (which won't mean much to a user when looking at the month grid) use "Music Lecture Series: 'Uses of the Neapolitan Chord'". "UPAC Cinema" would also be too vague, while "UPAC Cinema: 'The Last Samurai'" is better. Bear in mind that your event will "share the stage" with other events in the calendar - try to be as clear as possible when thinking of titles. Express not only what the event is, but (briefly) what it's about. Elaborate on the event in the description field, but try not to repeat the same information.

    Following are two examples of posts, one good and one better. Note that more information is provided in the better post, including a URL and contact information. Although the location is repeated in the description field, it spells out the name of the DCC in full rather than repeating the information verbatim. To make this post even better, an end time could be included (if it is known). Try to think like a user when creating a post: use language that will explain your event to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it.

    OK Event
    Reasonable post

    Better Event
    Better post

    If you have any questions about publishing events to the calendar, please contact us ; we'll be happy to help.


  • Cancelling an Event

    1. If an event needs to be cancelled, simply set the event status to "cancelled". The event will appear in gray in the web client.
    2. If an event should simply be removed, you may delete any event posted by your group. PLEASE NOTE: we do not encourage the deletion of old events. Only delete events that are truly erroneous.


  • Entering Locations

    1. Be careful to avoid duplicating locations - check first to see if the location you need is already there.
    2. Use standard Rensselaer room codes where possible (e.g. DCC 308) in the address field.
    3. Place the street address in the subaddress field; be as specific as possible. You do not need to include a street address for locations on Rensselaer's Troy campus.


  • Entering Contacts

    1. Be careful to avoid duplicating contacts - check first to see if the contact you need is already there.
    2. When adding contacts, add groups such as "Athletics" or "DotCIO" rather than individuals such as "John Doe". If you need to direct users to a particular individual for a specific event, use the "description" field to elaborate on that. You may wish, though, to include the name of the individual whose phone number is listed. Do this by adding the name to the " Additional Phone Info" field.
    3. Use only one organization or person when creating a contact; do not combine departments. If several units are sponsoring an event, make a note of it in the event's description, but select only one unit as the contact.
    4. In general, do not preface contacts with "Department of" or "Rensselaer." (The Rensselaer Union is an example of a rare departure from this convention.)
    5. To help deter spammers, email addresses will not appear in the public calendar interface. Please contact us about creating a web form for submitting email if one is needed.


  • Rensselaer Union Events Calendar (UEC) Administration


    By entering your club events in the Union Events Calendar, your events can be distributed to the main campus calendar, RPInfo, the campus television network, other calendar suites derived from the central campus calendar system, and more.


    To enter events in the Union Events Calendar, you must be an officer of a Rensselaer Union sponsored club.

    The Union Events Calendar shares events with calendar systems across campus; please post events with care and always check your work by looking at your posting in the public web client.

    Logging in:

    and login with your RCS UserID and password.

    If you are in more than one group, you will be prompted to select the group for which you wish to enter events. All members of a group can see and edit their group's events.

    Adding Events to your Club Calendar:

    The Union Events Calendar can filter events by category. To add an event to a specific club filter, check the category checkbox that corresponds to the club. You can tag your event with as many categories as you like, so an event may appear in several club's views simultaneously.

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