The Division of the Chief Information Officer (DotCIO) provides a leading-edge integrated information environment integral to teaching, learning and research, and is responsible for developing, steering, and maintaining Rensselaer's information infrastructure. DotCIO supplies a world-class environment by collaborating with campus constituents to find solutions for changing educational, research, communications and business needs.


Jeffrey Miner

Assistant Vice President, Information Services

Jennifer Littlejohn

Executive Assistant

Business Information Services

Tracy Paul, Sr. Business Manager

Provides administrative support for the DotCIO which includes:

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Mobile Computing Program

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Client Information Services

Jacqueline Stampalia, Director

Client Information Services provides administrative, academic, and research computing support and services standardizing where possible while supporting unique solutions where necessary with a focus on client needs.

  • Help Desk support and computer repair
  • Mobile Computing Program
  • Desktop support
  • Classrooms and public computing labs
  • Academic licensed software
  • Research computing

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Enterprise Information Services

Mary Houghton, Acting Director

  • Administrative applications
  • Business services
  • Database administration
  • Business intelligence and development

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Information Security

John Fisher, Director

  • Information policies
  • Information security

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Information Technologies Infrastructure

Graham Doig, Director

  • Central servers
  • Computer operations
  • Networking and telecommunications
  • Network engineering

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Library Information Services

 Andrew White, Director

  • Public services
  • Technical services
  • Institute Archives and Special Collections
  • Web services

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MultiMedia Services

Jim Evans, Director

  • Research machine shop
  • Media Operations
  • Technical services
  • Production and video services

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