6/27/2022 9:57am

Multimedia Services would like to inform the Rensselaer Community that an important change is coming to the Webex application in July 2022.

Currently, Rensselaer uses two primary Webex applications: Webex Meetings and Webex (formerly Webex Teams).


6/20/2022 3:42pm
Jim Evans, Director of Multimedia Services, invites all members of the Rensselaer community to attend a one-hour "Host a Webex Webinar" training session.


6/13/2022 3:00pm

In order to protect individuals' personal information and improve system security, all services using federated/SSO (Single Sign On) authentication, if not already, will require Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as of Friday, July 1st. This includes the following services:


4/29/2022 12:47pm

In an effort to improve user experience and move towards SSO (single sign-on),  access to:
SIS, RSS, Banner, Banner Forms, and Degreeworks will use RCS credentials for login, effective June 1st, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. ET


4/21/2022 3:59pm

Please read the entire announcement -  RPI Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn 9.1 SaaS Release 3900.34.0) Instructors, Designers and TAs

Do Submit a course request if:


3/31/2022 11:37am

The DotCIO is pleased to announce that the testing phase for Exchange email migration from on-premise to Exchange Online is nearly concluded.  We have drafted up a roll-out plan to target completion of all faculty and staff over a 10-to-12-week timespan.


3/11/2022 3:01pm

As technology changes so do we!  


2/7/2022 10:39am
In order to provide a consistent and stable environment, Multimedia Services will be reserving a weekly maintenance window from 8am to 10am Eastern Time on Saturdays in order to complete any work that may be necessary on the Mediasite suite.


11/16/2021 10:14am

Recent issues connecting to network printers, primarily from personal computers/laptops including those purchased through the Mobile Computing Program, has been determined to be caused by Microsoft windows updates.  If you are experiencing a problem connecting to a network…


9/29/2021 4:14pm

Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 operating system (OS) on October 5, 2021.   The update will be rolled out to personally owned machines that can support Windows 11 in a phased approach by Microsoft. 

Phishing & Spam

Phishing Email

6/29/2022 9:36pm

Cyber attackers have been very sophisticated and consistent in sending phishing emails attempting to gain access to our networks and information. These attempts can range from very spammy looking emails, to very targeted and spear phishing in nature.

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