DotCIO rolling out new applications in your Microsoft 365 account – Teams, Forms, Bookings, Scheduling Poll and Polls


DotCIO is pleased to announce rolling out new applications in your Microsoft 365 account starting on Tuesday 03/28/2023.  The roll-out is seamless and should be available on all accounts by 03/29/2023.

Teams -- an all in one collaboration tool that helps your team stay organized with conversations, meetings, and file sharing.  This application is available online as well as download and install as a desktop client. If you already have Teams installed, you can now Sign-in with your RPI email address. 

Forms – used for surveys, quizzes, and polls, invite others to respond to it using almost any web browser or mobile device, see real-time results as they're submitted, use built-in analytics to evaluate responses, and export results to Excel for additional analysis.  Forms is available within Teams as well as an online app in your Office 365 web account.

Bookings -- lets you track, manage and organize your appointments and calendars all in one place. A bookings calendar integrates with your personal Outlook calendar so there are no conflicting dates/times. Create a calendar for each event for customers to schedule and re-schedule.  Bookings has been successfully tested by some as a replacement for OnceHub or ScheduleOnce.

Not new but documentation has also been created for:

Scheduling Poll – an organizer can send multiple time options for a meeting and minimize the back-and-forth emails about scheduling.

Polls - can be created for responses for RSVPs, when to have a meeting or to gather opinions. Microsoft uses forms for creating Polls in the Outlook desktop App in Outlook online (OWA) or within Teams.

These applications work best with Microsoft Office 365 version.  If you do not have the Office 365 suite installed or need to be upgraded from an older Office suite version and need assistance with this, you can submit a Support Request.

Posted 03/27/2023

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