IT Help Desk Hints - Best Practices for your laptop performance


Does your laptop seem a little slow or has shut down for no reason? These helpful IT hints can assist you!

Examples of some best practices:

Is your Operating System up-to-date?

  • Windows updates – are probably set to automatically update, but you can check and run these manually

     Article: How to run OS updates

Are device specific drivers and updates done?

Sleep settings and should I restart my laptop on a regular basis?

  • It is best to set your lid settings to have your laptop go to Sleep when lid is shut on battery power.  In addition to wasting battery power, having your laptop trapped inside a bag while running will generate a lot of heat, which can destroy your laptop over time.  In Windows search - search lid settings
  • Even if you do keep your laptop in sleep or hibernate mode it is a good idea for a Windows computer to be restarted about once once a week.

How's the batter life on your laptop?

One time my Lenovo froze or shut down?

  • Did you know you can reset your Lenovo without losing any data?

     Article: Lenovo - How to fix laptop not powering up or responding - Emergency pin reset

  • NOTE: This option should only be used rarely.  If it is a common fix, then your laptop needs to be examined more thoroughly.

Ask for assistance.

  • If you are having a problem with your computer/laptop, please do not hesitate to submit a Support Request for assistance.


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