Tech Tip Tuesday - Box Canvas


Did you know that Box has a collaboration tool called Box Canvas that empowers teams to be visually creative using whiteboards, to brainstorm, diagram and collaborate with anyone in real time. Canvas integrates with your Box Content Cloud account.

Box Canvas allows you to:

  • Create unlimited whiteboards (canvases) using sticky notes, emojis and comments
  • Free-form drawing using shapes and connectors
  • Securely share your Canvases with anyone, anywhere
  • Work simultaneously or asynchronously, with those inside or outside of the company
  • Add various objects to your Canvas: Sticky notes, Shapes, Text input, Connectors, Pen drawings, Icons
  • Upload images - upload png, jpg, jpeg, and bmp images to bring your Canvas to life
  • Templates - use one of the pre-made templates to get started faster on Canvas

Introducing Box Canvas

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Box Canvas – Overview, Logging in and Procedures Article

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