Tech Tip Tuesday - Dictate Feature


Did you know you can talk to your computer and see your text on the screen? The Dictate (Speech-to-Text) feature available in most Microsoft applications lets you do just that!

Examples of why you would use the dictate feature dictation button 

  • Saves time when trying to get all your ideas onto a page. 
  • Perhaps you are someone who types slowly, this feature helps get your thoughts on the page faster.
  • Help improve your writing skills as far as grammar and punctuation.
  • Reads back what you wrote.
  • Easily create drafts, outlines, agendas, and meeting notes.

Software applications used:

Microsoft Outlook 2019, 365 (desktop only), OneNote, PowerPoint, Word

Windows OS and Mac OS (how to turn on speech recognition)

What online training articles/manuals/videos are available?

How to use the Dictation feature in Word 2019, Outlook 2019, Word 365, Outlook 365 and macOS

Any questions, Submit a Request

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