Tech Tip Tuesday - Microsoft Planner


Have a simple project to work on with a team? Consider using Microsoft Planner for organizing and managing teamwork.  It’s free and part of the Office 365 suite!

MS Planner is a web project planning app used to visually assist teams on managing and tracking progress on simple projects (plans).  Planner assigns task start dates/due dates, shows progress, shares information, uses charts and schedule views as well as collaborates with the members on the plan and integrates your to do list using Outlook.

Example of what a simple project plan may include:

  • Project name, summary, and objective.
  • Define the team members who will drive the project, along with their roles and responsibilities.
  • What are the key outcomes and due dates.
  • Project elements, that may not be in the scope categories.
  • Milestones, milestone owners, and a project end date.
  • Reference material or Training relevant to the project.

NOTE: Before starting a new plan, you will need to submit a Support Request to get your team created. Please include in the request the RCS userids of the team members and who will be the Administrator(s) of this group.

Online training articles/manuals/videos are available:
Microsoft Planner – Overview, Logging in and Training Articles

Installing or upgrading to Microsoft 365 

If you need assistance, please submit a Support Request.


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