Tech Tip Tuesday - Software Install Tips


It’s a new semester and you may need some assistance installing software for your course(s) from the Available Licensed Software RPI offers? Before you start the install steps, it is suggested to review the Software Install Tips article first!

Here are some of the more important tips to review before installing:

  • The first step is to request a license from our Available Software list. Available Licensed Software
  • After getting the confirmation email, it is best to restart your windows laptop and then follow the directions attached to the confirmation email or search for the directions under
  • Are you logged into the RPI Network using WPA2 or the VPN to connect?
  • When signing into the server, are you using win\username rather than just username?
  • You can get to the server by going to file explorer, then locate "network" on the left panel, right click, select "map network drive", then enter the location.  If you can't map the path, please restart your computer which clears any inaccurate credentials so you can get prompted again to login with win\RCSuserid and RCS password
  • If the install is slow, the solution is to either use Ethernet to get a more sustained connection or copy the install files to the hard drive (desktop) of your computer/laptop and install from there.
  • Perhaps you may have shut down or put your laptop to sleep in the middle of the install. If this happened, you would have to restart the install again.
  • Double check that the time zone on your machine is set to EST. Several applications have the license server set for EST and require the machine installing it on to be in the same time zone.

If you tried all these installation tips and you are still having difficulty installing the software, please submit a Support Request for assistance. 

What online training articles/manual/videos are available?

Software Install Tips 

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