Academic and Research Computing Conditions of Use

Your RCS userid and password enable you to connect to the campus network and use the Rensselaer Computing System (RCS) resources such as PC desktops, printing, remote Unix or Linux servers, and so on.

You should change your RCS password as soon as possible. Please refer to the Changing your RCS account password section of this website for instructions on how to do this.

Rensselaer strives to create a computing environment in which you can work and collaborate with colleagues without the fear of your work being violated, stolen, misrepresented or abused in any way. Each member of the computing community must also help ensure the well being of the computing services here on campus. Keep your password secure to protect it from abuse.

If your RCS password has been forgotten or stolen and used by someone else, report this to the Help Desk immediately at 276-7777.

The following activities, along with those outlined in The Rensselaer Handbook and the "Policy on Electronic Citizenship" (, are unethical and unacceptable behaviors:

  • Bypassing accounting mechanisms of computer or phone equipment.
  • Using any Rensselaer computing or Telecommunications facility to violate The Grounds for Disciplinary Action or any other computing provisions of The Rensselaer Handbook.
  • Allowing others to use your Telecommunications authorization code, Voice Mail box, or RCS account.
  • Modifying computer or telephone equipment without authorization.

This list of examples is by no means exhaustive. Participation in activities which in any way compromise RCS computer accounts, Voice Mail Boxes, or Telecommunication authorization codes could lead to deactivation of these accounts and referral to appropriate authorities for disciplinary action under state and federal law. Rensselaer also reserves the right to deactivate your computer accounts and/or authorization codes for late payment of bills, commercial use of an RCS account, and termination of student status.